What are the different shipping options?

We ship using FedEx Overnight. This option allows delivery directly to your doorstep.

What happens if my shipment is delayed?

We cannot take any responsibilities for delays in shipments. It is heavily dependent on various factors that we have no control over. Please note before ordering.

Do you ship on holidays?

No. We can ship the day before the date of the holiday. It will be up to the shipping provider if they accept any shipments on holidays.

Do you ship internationally?

As of right now, we do not.

How do you charge for shipping?

Shipping rates are required to be paid prior to shipping.

FedEx Overnight rates will be provided soon.

Will I be provided a tracking number?

Yes. Every order will be provided a shipping slip as well as a shipping #. We will send one via email for your records if needed.

Do you have a retail storefront?

Yes. We are located in Houston on Kirkwood and Bellaire.

Do you ship to other wholesalers?

Yes. The wholesalers will need to have an existing account or apply to have an account with us prior to shipping.

How do you keep the seafood alive?

We pack the seafood with gel packs that can last up to 48 hours.

Do you guarantee the seafood will be alive upon arrival?

Shipping live seafood has risks of dead loss. We cannot guarantee that the seafood will be alive upon arrival. But, the seafood will be alive when packed and shipped. They are also temperature controlled during the shipping process so they will be safe to eat within 24 hours of delivery.

What is your return policy?

We cannot accept any returns on any live seafood shipped.

Do you issue refunds or credit for dead loss?

We do not provide any refunds for any live seafood shipped. If you have any further concerns, please contact us via phone or email.