Lafitte's Seafood

Trang Hoang and Quyen Lee have been in the seafood industry for about 30 years. In 2008, they seized the opportunity of the seemingly booming demand for crawfish in their community. They bought a truck and started to make daily runs to Lafitte’s to pick crawfish and distribute them back in Houston. One year later, they were able to rent their own space and have been distributing quality crawfish in the Houston area since.

In 2010, their son, Andrew Lee joined them in the family business and began sourcing and distributing a larger variety of live seafood such as lobsters, dungeness crabs and oysters. As the business began to grow, Andrew rebranded the business as Lafitte’s Seafood. 

The family owned and operated business continues to distribute fresh live seafood locally and nationally. Lafitte’s Seafood clientele primarily consists of Restaurants, Supermarkets, and Wholesalers but is also open to the general public as well.

Whether you’re in the food service industry or looking for fresh seafood to cook at home, be sure to check out Lafitte’s Seafood for the best quality crawfish, lobster, crab, and shell fish.